Our story

Marika’s Coffee was established in 2007 by Teija Kuusela Lublinkhof. Her ambition was to roast the best Zambian coffee available for the local market and package it smartly in high quality packaging to guarantee freshness for longer. Marika’s has developed into a well known brand locally, and is now also being exported to Europe. Apart from our special coffee, you can also find the best of the world’s coffee machines and accessories at Marika’s

Teija had been previously working for Munali Coffee where she developed the Munali Coffee brand, one of the brands now roasted under Marika’s Coffee. She is a Q licensed coffee taster, certified WBC (World Barista Championship) and WLA (World Latte Art Championship)  judge and has judged in World Barista Championships in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013. She is also involved in developing Barista championships for the African continent as well as training of the Baristas in Zambia and other countries. She has been working together with the Zambia Coffee Growers Association in developing the Zambian National Barista Championship since 2007. Teija also established the Zambia Barista Committee (ZABAC) in 2009. She is currently chairing the Zambia Coffee Growers Association.